The Haps...…

11.27.18 Photo issue #2 is ready to ship now. Also the Combatant 12" will be arriving soon with limited copies on blue vinyl only available here.


The Big Frank Benefit LP  All profits will go to Big Frank Harrison (Nemesis Records) who had a heart attack last year. A great record for a great cause and a way to give back to someone who has given so much to the scene. Limited mail order only color and regular colored vinyl  available.

Man Destroys "Everything" 7" (featuring members of Final Conflict, Doomsday Hour, etc) Limited Edition pink vinyl!  

5.11.18 Some exciting news about upcoming releases

The Big Frank Benefit LP should be in stock in a just a couple weeks. All profits will go to Big Frank Harrison (Nemesis Records) who had a heart attack last year. A great record for a great cause and a way to give back to someone who has given so much to the scene. Limited mail order only color and regular colored vinyl will be available.

Man Destroys "Demo" 7" (featuring members of Final Conflict, Doomsday Hour, etc) will be out this summer.  

Combatant's first full length lp will be released this summer as well. More info as we get closer to release.

5.8.18  Our new Logo shirts are in stock. Email us to order. More designs coming soon

10.27.17 The Breakdown skateboard is available now. They aren't on the site as we don't have many available but please email if you are interested. 2 shapes available....modern popsicle and a classic kick nose!!

Speaking of skateboards our next deck is in the works with NYHC legends Murphy's Law. More info as we are closer to release.

Also next week we will be releasing Vicious Circle's new LP "Born to Destroy" and Laughing Stock's "Rough Crowd" 7"

8.12.17 Been a minute since some news. Just dropped the Stale Phish "Pole Jams" LP and Combatant "Sick Plot" 7". They are up on the site for ordering. Up next is the Laughing Stock 7" and the long anticipated "Born to Destroy" LP from Vicious Circle. More exciting news soon.

5.8.17 Please welcome The Black Sheep Underground as a sponsor of our Sk8 or Dive event. Check out their amazing selection of gear on their site www.theblacksheepunderground.com Making skating a threat again!

5.5.17  Lots going on here and a bunch of releases are due out soon. However today's big news is we are helping to put on the Skate or Dive Fest July 8th at The Dive Bar in Las Vegas!! There will be tons of skating, a best trick contest as well as the annual show featuring Mersa, Since We Were Kids, Stale Phish, Fast Plants and McRad. More info as we get closer. Start planning those road trips!!!

3.21.17  Tons going on here at Not Like You. Lots of records out for press including Slam, Concrete Criminals, Hardware and more.

New series of skateboards in the works. First up with be 2 different shapes with legendary NYHC band Breakdown. A couple other surprises are in the works and we will announce them here soon. To stay up to date on everything we have going on follow us @notlikeyourecords on Instagram

12.2.16  A couple of new signings to announce. Please welcome......

Combatant from Maine

Laughing Stock from Boston

both bands will be doing 7"s with us in 2017. More news soon!

11.8.16 The new issue of my other zine The American Dream is out today, just in time for the election. Personal stories, collages and thoughts on the state of the world today. 22 years in the making!!!

11.3.16 Been a while since an update but here's some news....

Nine Lives will be doing an LP with us in 2017.

Spit It Out's stellar Demo '16 will be out in Spring 2016 on 7"

Stale Phish's sophomore LP "Pole Jams" will be out on CD In November and will come out in Spring 2017 on LP

Horror punks Ghoul Squad will be releasing their self titled LP with us early 2017. Originally slated to come out on Pushead's legendary Pusmort label, it never made it past the test press phase. That will all change soon!!

Swedish skate punks Slam will be doing a "Wild Riders of Boards" 7" in 2017/

Minus One, Concrete Criminals and Vicious Circle are all in the studio working on releases for us as well.

Lots more in the planning stages including a couple compilation surprises so stay tuned!!!!

7/5/16  Speaking of Agent Orange, we are sponsoring the upcoming Not Volume 3 skate rock show in Las Vegas at The Dive Bar. Come on out for a night of fun, skating, and some great music, as well as prizes from us!!!

7/4/16  In conjunction with the Launchpad here in Albuquerque, we will be bringing McRad to town to share the bill on the upcoming Agent Orange show on August 20th. Hope to see everyone there.

6/28/16  King Face "Live At 9:30 Club" LP Test Presses are up for sale now. Don't miss it!!

5/30/16  RS2 Solid Sound "The Best Is Yet To Come" 7" is up for order now. Including limited edition gold vinyl.

5/23/16 Vicious Circle "Circle of the Doomed" Test Presses have arrived. As soon as the band gives them the thumbs up, we will go to press.


Point Blank NYHC "On The DL" CD is in stock and shipping now!!!

5/12/16  Lots to update so here goes...

Vicious Circle will also be releasing their new LP with us later this year.

Shock Treatment featuring James from Bane and pro skater Greg Harbour will be doing a 7" with us this winter.

Concrete Criminals from Florida will also being joining us for a 7" later this year.

So honored to work with each of these bands and look forward to what's to come.

4/27/16  Point Blank NYHC's new CD "On the DL" will be out in May. Preorders are up now!!

4/11/16 Issue 6 is out now. Featuring Sammytown of Fang, Eddie Leeway, Night Birds and Freddy Alva. Also features interviews with skaters Julz Lynn and Greg Harbour, along with our record reviews, news and more. 40 Full size pages and full color cover. Also comes with a memorial sticker for Skatemaster Tate.

4/3/16 Sex Powers test press has been approved and the 7" will be out later this year. The band has been playing a bunch around California so if you get the chance go check them out.

3/9/16 Test Presses have arrived for PSO "My Way Out" LP and Impact NYHC "Worlds Apart" 7". As soon as the bands ok them we will be heading to press. Lots going on with us this year so stay tuned.

Speaking of stuff going on, please welcome Australia's Vicious Circle to the NLY Familia. We will be reissuing their first demo "Circle of the Doomed" on 7" this summer. All of their LPs are being reissued by another label as well so if you have holes in your collection, this is the year to fill em!!!

3/5/16  New Not Like You gear including T-shirts and hoodies have arrived. THey will be on the site soon but you can email to order as well. This is the Schism homage series with red or blue shirts with athletic gold as well as blue hoodies in the same scheme. Gotta pay respects to the classics!

2/18/16 Please welcome NJ's Fuck It..I Quit to the NLY Familia. We will be issuing their killer demo on 7" later this year. You can check it out here

2/17/16  Lots going on in the new year already here at NLY. Please join us in welcoming Vinny Hooliganz and Sex Powers to the family. We will be doing 7"s with both bands later this year. More exciting news to come VERY soon!!

RS2 Solid Sound "Best is Yet to Come" 7" will be out this Spring. Look for an exclusive mail order only color as well.

On the skateboard front, we have a new "Uncle Sam" deck in the work for this election season with art by the incredible Bobby Brown (bobbydrawsskullz on IG).

2/5/16  Been a bit since an update. With a new year comes new signings. Our first announcement is welcoming Frontside Five to the NLY Familia. Look for a full length LP later this year. More exciting news on the horizon stay tuned!!

12/18/15 Issue 5 is out now. Featuring what is thought to be the last unpublished interview with Raybeez of Warzone (complete with never before seen pictures) as well as part 2 of our chat with Ian MacKaye, Stale Phish, Joey Keithley of DOA, and pro skater Bill Danforth.

12/17/15  Modern Problems "Foolish Times" LP has landed and preorders are shipping now. Look for it in stores on January 15th. We still have copies of the limited blue vinyl that is only available from us. You can order from the releases page.

12/5/15 Modern Problems "Foolish Times" LP is up for preorder. These will ship out later this month with an in store date mid-January.

10/28/15  Please welcome NYHC band IMPACT to the Not Like You Family. Look for their debut ep in the early months of 2016.

10/22/15  Our first skate hardware Crazy 8 Skate Bolts are available now and available for order. I will have them on the site shortly.

10/16/15 The Faction "Pegged For Live" LP comes out today. Available on 3 different colors. Orders are shipping now.

10/1/15  Test presses for RS2 Solid Sound "The Best is Yet to Come" 7" have arrived. More info as we get closer.

9/25/15  The Faction "Pegged for Live" is up for pre-order. 3 colors including our site exclusive "Let's Go Get Cokes" don't miss them. Release date is October 16th!!

8/18/15 Our first Skateboards are out now. Check them out. Available in 8" and 8.5" and 3 different colors. These are the real deal. Try one and you will see!

8/12/15 PSO "My Way Out" CD is out now and available for order on the site. Look for them on tour in September with Since We Were Kids.

7/23/15 Heading to Vegas tonight for Skate Rock Reunion Vol 2 Fest. Find me at the show for free buttons and stickers. Hope to see everyone there

7/14/15 McRad's "Lion Pure" 2xLP is now available for digital download on all the usual sites including Amazon, ITunes, Bandcamp, and more!!

7/5/15 The all Photo Issue is available for order now. 40 full size pages featuring new, unseen pictures from the 80s thru today with the likes of Natefest, Mouthpiece, Sick of it All, Breakdown, Ensign, Endeavor, Swiz, Fugazi, Farside and much more.

6/30/15 McRad "Lion Pure" 2xLP is in stores today. Pick up a copy and support your local record store!

A special Photo Issue of the zine is at the printers and should be back soon. Look for pics from recent shows like Natefest and The Business as well as pics going back to the 80s and 90s including Breakdown, Fugazi, Swiz, Rain Like the Sound of Trains and more. The world of shows as seen thru my lens. Hope you'll enjoy it!

6/17/15 Lots going on here at Not Like You, here's a brief look

Issue 4 of the zine is out now!!

Point Blank NYHC 7" preorders are up for Red vinyl and test presses

McRad 2xLP "Lion Pure" comes out June 30th. All the colors are now available for order including a 3 set bundle

Modern Problems "Foolish Times" LP test presses just arrived.

5/29/15 Please welcome Modern Problems from Buffalo NY to the NLY family. They sound like a killer mix of Uniform Choice and Youth of Today. We will be releasing their LP "Foolish Times" later this year. Look for a special pressing done for a fest in Mesa AZ to be available the end of July as well.

5/28/15 Test presses for The Faction "Pegged for Live" LP are in. As soon as the band approves we go to press. Look for limited edition "Lets Go Get Cokes" colored vinyl only available on thru preorder.

5/12/15 McRad Lion Pure 2xLP Preorder version as well as test presses are available now. The preorder color is a red, yellow & green tricolor vinyl. These are only available here so don't miss it!!

4/30/15 McRad's Lion Pure 2xLP will go up for preorder of the mail order only red/yellow/green tri color vinyl on May 12th. These will ONLY be available on our website so don't sleep on this one. We will also put test Presses up at that time. The in store release date for Lion Pure is June 30th. We are super excited for this one and can not thank everyone enough for their support.

4/1/15 Test presses for Point Blank 7" arrived today. As soon as the band gives them the ok we will head to press.

The Faction master for Pegged For Live goes in tomorrow for test presses as well. Going to be a busy summer here at Not Like You. Hope you are all as excited as we are!

3/25/15 We will no longer be doing the Cross Me Demo 7". They have signed exclusively with another label and never provided us the material to put this record out. Sorry folks out of our control.

3/20/15 Not Like You will be at Nate Fest in NJ this weekend. If you see me walking around come say hi and get some free buttons!! Please support this incredible cause any way you can.

3/6/15 McRad test presses have been approved and has a projected release date of early June. Point Blank NYHC 7" has been sent to the pressing plant for test presses and on top of it all we are putting the finishing touches on The Faction Pegged For Live LP. Lots going on and more in the works so get ready!

3/4/15 We will be doing a 7" with NYHC's Point Blank, featuring tracks from their killer demo. The band features original Underdog guitarist Dan Derella on bass and long time NYHC supporter Ken Wagner on vocals. If you haven't checked them out yet they have an old school NY feel ala Cause For Alarm or early Token Entry.  Look for a release date early summer.

2/14/15 McRad test presses are back. We will have a release date shortly. Stay tuned for preorders. There will be an exclusive mail order only color!!

2/3/15 Issue 3 is IN STOCK NOW!! Featuring BL'AST, Final Conflict, SNFU, Beyond, Loud Ones, and Soul Search, along with the usual stuff. 40 full size pages!!

1/27/15 After a brief appearance on Thrasher's Skate Rock Vol 1 cassette, Black Athletes vanished without a proper release.....not anymore....coming later this year on Not Like You will be a 7" of their demo. More to come!

1/24/15 I am now part of the Droid Rage crew. My first interview is a reprint from Issue one with Tony Rettman, author of the NYHC book. You can check it out here http://droidxrage.com/ Thanks to Ed and the DxR Crew for getting me involved.

Issue 3 is at the printer and will be arriving early February. Featuring BL'AST, Final Conflict, SNFU, Loud Ones, and Soul Search, along with the usual stuff. 40 full size pages!!

1/14/15 Issue One is officially SOLD OUT!! Thank you to everyone who bought a copy, traded, or showed any interest at all. Issue 3 is coming soon!!!

1/10/15 Happy New Year everyone. Not much news to report other than I'm hard at work on a couple new signings but can't tell you more until they're confirmed. I will say that McRad's "Lion Pure" 2xLP is at the pressing plant. More news when the test presses are approved but I can tell you there will be black vinyl and red vinyl versions as well as a special tri color red gold and green press only available mail order thru us.

Also I'm hard at work on issue 3 and should have more news about that shortly.

10/30/14 It's been a little bit since I've done an update and have been sitting on this one for a while.....Coming next year we will be releasing a live KingFace LP to celebrate their 30th anniversary. A huge thanks to Andy and the guys for making this happen.


9/27/14 Issue 2 is ready to ship!!! Preorders will be going out on Monday. See the Zine section to order. Also the Test Presses for Intense Energy, our comp that comes with issue 2, are now up in the Records section as well!!!


9/22/14 Issue 2 is up for preorder and should be ready to ship next week. Limited to only 550 copies and comes with a 7" comp too. See the zine section to order!! 

9/16/14 The Faction's ultra-limited "Pegged For Live" (Live at CBGBs) cassette will be reissued by us on vinyl next year. This is one I have wanted to put out since I was a kid and bought the tape thru the mail from IM Records. Careful what you wish for, sometimes they do come true!! Welcome to the NLY Familia guys!


9/10/14 Just in case we haven't made enough recent announcements, we are working on a couple more projects to knock your socks off! Keep checking back, we will announce them soon.....


9/3/14 I feel like we are just blowing this page up with releases. We will be releasing an LP with Clay Wheels. Featuring Ray Stevens II  (Los Olvidados, The Faction, Drunk Injuns, RS2 Solid Sound, and more) and Mike Fox (Los Olvidados, Drunk Injuns, etc). A must for skate rock fans the world over. Stay tuned......


8/27/14 Odd Man Out has joined Not Like You!! We will be reissuing their LP next year. For those of you not familiar with OMO, the group features Ray Stevens2 (The Faction, Los Olvidados, Drunk Injuns, RS2 Solid Sound Etc), Steve Caballero (The Faction, Pro skater etc etc) Mark Gonzales and Chris Cisper. More info as we get closer!!!


8/14/14 We are excited to announce that skate rock legends Chuck Treece and McRad will be joining us here at NLY. We will be reissuing Absence of Sanity and Dominant Force on LPs. Look for comp tracks and bonus material too!!


8/2/14 Please welcome Cross Me to the NLY family. We will be reissuing their demo on vinyl later this year. Will update you as we have more info


7/24/14 We will be reissuing the classic demo by NJHC band Enuf...Sucka Mosh 2014 will be in full effect. More news as we get closer.


7/23/14 Our first shirt designs are in stock now in our gear section. An homage to the great Absolution!!! We hope you will consider picking one up. The proceeds go to help fund future projects!!


7/22/14 The test presses for Stale Phish "Rock N Roll Revert" LP are back. We will be going to press next week. We will keep you posted on a release date as we have one!!


7/17/14 The Uprising "Screaming From The Inside" is out now. You can order off the site or if you would rather wait for your local shop to get it. Distribution begins next week. We will post a list of distributors on here once we have them finalized. Hope you will check it out!!


7/3/14 Huge news here...originally planned for upstart label No Idols, we are proud to announce that Not Like You will be releasing the Against The Wall Discography LP later this year.


6/19/14 Our distro is up and running. We are adding new titles every week so keep checking back as we grow. If you want to order anything or have any questions email notlikeyouzine@gmail.com and we will get you taken care of. The money we make off the distro will be put into future projects for the zine and the label. Thanks for the support!!!!


6/17/14 Figure it is about time for some news......


The Uprising test press has been approved and is at the pressing plant. We will have a release date when it gets closer


We also sent off Stale Phish's "Rock N Roll Revert" LP for test presses today. We will keep you posted on that as well.


5/20/14 We will be in Vegas this weekend for The Skate Punk Reunion Show as well as to cover some of Punk Rock Bowling. If you see us be sure to say hi. I'd love to meet everyone I've corresponded with and I will have some stickers to pass along while they last!!!!


5/20/14  We will be doing a 7" later this year with RS2 SOLID SOUND. If you aren't familiar with them you will be soon. You can check them out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFeo8i9j4dg 


5/19/14  For those who don't know, we have a new mail order/distro in the works. Any interested bands and labels please get in touch. Look for the first items, new and used, to go up on the site over the next couple of weeks.


5/18/14 Been a few weeks since an update but here's what's going down.....


Issue Two is well under way. The interviews are almost done. I will begin laying it out next week. All of the comp tracks are almost in and we will be sending it off for mastering soon!!!


The Uprising 7" test pressing are on their way back to us. Can't wait to check those out and get moving on our first release


The Stale Phish LP is almost ready to send off for test presses as well.


4/24/14 We are stoked to announce that we will be doing a vinyl reissue of "Rock N Roll Revert" by Detroit Skate Rock kings Stale Phish. Originally released on very limited cd the vinyl version will hit shops in late summer if everything goes as planned. Keep checking back for more news as we have it


4/14/14 We are hard at work on issue two and planning out issue 3 as well. Some great interviews have been started with some Skate Rock Legends like JFA, The Faction, Los Olvidados and more. A few more are in the works as well. Everyone's recordings for the comp are almost completed. Most of the layout for issue 2 will take place after the Skate Punk Reunion in Las Vegas May 24th. We hope to have the comp at the pressing plant by then as well. We will keep you posted as progress is made.


4/1/14 This is no April Fools Joke... Former DOA guitarist Dave Gregg passed away Sunday night of a heart attack. Sad day in punk history. Our best is sent to his family and to his fellow D.O.A.ers.


3/29/14 We would like to welcome Malaysian Skate Thrashers Weot Skam to NLY. We will be releasing an EP with them later this year!! More info as we get closer!!


3/26/14 We would like to announce we will be reissuing "Screaming From The Inside" demo by The Uprising. Originally released in 1986 this gem has been passed around amongst tape traders but is being saved from obscurity as a limited edition 7". More info to come soon.


3/19/14 We will be attending Musink in California this weekend. We will be selling copies of Issue one so if you haven't picked one up yet you will have a chance to get one in person. We will be at The Descendents on Friday and GB/Judge on Sunday. Hope to meet some of you there. We will also be at D.I. across town on Saturday night as well. Lots of great bands this weekend!!


3/18/14 We are psyched to welcome COUNTERATTACK! from Australia to the NLY Family. They will be releasing a 7" with us later this year, as well as releasing a track on Intense Energy, our comp that comes with Issue two.