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Here's where you'll find all the pressing info for all of our releases.

Issue One Not Like You Fanzine

250 Copies (SOLD OUT)

Issue Two Not Like You Fanzine

550 Copies (Comes with NLY-002 V/A Intense Energy 7")

Issue Three Not Like You Fanzine

400 Copies

Issue Four Not Like You Fanzine

300 Copies

Photo Issue Not Like You Fanzine

200 Copies

Issue Five Not Like You Fanzine

300 Copies

Issue Six Not Like You Fanzine

300 Copies with full color cover

1 copy B&W Cover

1 Full color copy

NLY-001 The Uprising "Screaming From The Inside" 7"

First Press  550 copies Black Vinyl B&W Sleeve with Insert

10 Test Presses in Test Press Sleeve

NLY-002 V/A "Intense Energy" 7"

First Press 550 copies black vinyl B&W sleeve with 8 page insert

included with issue 2 of Not Like You Fanzine

10 Test Presses in Yellow Test Press Sleeve

NLY-003 Stale Phish "Rock N Roll Revert" LP

1068 Copies Black Vinyl (600 with color insert 448 with black and white insert)

14 Test Presses in spray painted #d purple sleeve

25 Mail Order copies in spray painted #d Red Yellow Orange sleeve

5 Band Copies in spray painted #d sleeve

2 Label Archive copies in spray painted #d sleeve

NLY-004 McRad "Lion Pure" 2xLP

Coming soon!
20 Test Presses in spray painted #'d sleeve

296 copies Red, yellow and Green Tri-colored vinyl only available preorder

311 copies Red vinyl

403 copies black vinyl

NLY-005 The Faction "Pegged For Live" LP

25 Test Presses in spray painted sleeve

312 Copies "Let's Go Get Cokes" Colored Vinyl only available preorder

312 Copies Red Vinyl

415 Copies White Vinyl

NLY-006 Point Blank NYHC "S/t" 7"

12 Test Presses in spray painted sleeve

418 Copies Black Vinyl

103 Copies Red Vinyl only available preorder

NLY-007 PSO "My Way Out" CD/LP  (vinyl coming in 2016)

150 Copies on CD

107 Copies Yellow Vinyl

506 Copies Black Vinyl

NLY-008 RS2 Soild Sound "The Best Is Yet To Come" 7"

12 Test Presses "Rejected Mix" in pink & yellow sleeve (these are the only 12 versions of this to exist)

12 Test Presses in purple & aqua sleeve (These are the approved version)

475 Copies "Norcal" Green Vinyl

105 Copies Gold Vinyl

NLY-009 Kingface "Live at the 9:30 Club" LP

22 Test Presses in spray painted jackets

2 Test Presses  hand drawn sleeves by Andy Rapoport

106 Copies Blue Vinyl

427 Copies Black Vinyl

NLY-010 Modern Problems "Foolish Times" LP

50 Copies Fest Exclusive in special jacket with white labels

14 Test Presses in spray painted sleeve

409 Copies Black vinyl

101 Copies Blue Vinyl only available preorder

NLY-011 Impact NYHC "Worlds Apart" 7"

20 test presses

100 copies Red Vinyl

550 Copies Black Vinyl

NLY-012 Fuck It..I Quit! "Demo" 7"

20 Test Presses

110 Copies Pink Vinyl

550 Copies Red/Black Vinyl

NLY-013 Sex Powers "Dive Bombs" 7"

16 Test Presses

110 Copies White Vinyl

550 Copies Black Vinyl

NLY-014 Vinny Hooliganz "Late Nights" 7"

20 Test Presses

110 Copies Blue Vinyl

550 Copies White Vinyl

NLY-015 Vicious Circle "Circle of the Doomed" 7"

10 test presses

520 Copies Red Vinyl

NLY-016 Point Blank NYHC "On The DL" CD

500 Copies