We are now selling records from other labels as well as used records. Everything is strictly graded by sleeve then vinyl. Pictures always available upon request. Labels get in touch to have us carry your releases.

If you want to order, just email us the list of what you want, along with your address and we will send you a total.



Used LPs

Adult Crash "Unfinished Business" NM/NM $8

Afternoon Gentlemen "S/t" NM/NM $12

Aghast "Deformities" 200 Copies yellow splatter NM/NM $10

Agitator "Bleak" NM/NM $12

Agnostic Front "No One Rules" with bonus 7" unplayed $100

Agnostic Front “One Voice” Clear
Vinyl VG+/VG+ tiny air bubbles in vinyl
trail off from pressing (Strength Records) $25

Agnostic Front "Victim in Pain" 1st Press VG+/EX $500

Agression "S/t" VG+/NM $30

Agression "Bootleg" VG+/NM $25

Allegiance "Desperation" White/Gold NM/NM $15

American Standard "Wonderland" With insert VG+/NM $20

Angelic Upstarts "Lost and Found" VG+/NM $14

Anti-Scrunti Faction "S/t" VG+/NM $10

Antidote "Thou Shall Not Kill" VG+/NM $30

Antisect "In Darkness.." Spider Leg EX/NM $80

Anxiety "Pathetic" NM/NM $7

Apparatus "Hardcore Religion" NM/NM $7

Ass-End Offend "Character Assassins" NM/NM $6

Assholeparade/Slight Slappers "Split" Green Marble NM/NM $7

The Astronauts "Peter Pan..." NM/NM $7

Atom And His Package "Making Love' NM/NM Red Vinyl $10

Attitude "Kein Schlaf Bis Deutschland" VG+/EX $20

Attitude Adjustment " Dead Serious Demo 1985" NM/NM $30

Autarch "Death of Actiacus" NM/EX $10

Autarch/Soothsayer "Split" NM/NM $10

Autistic Youth "Landmine Beach" Silkscreened Jacket Ex/EX $12

Avengers "Zero Hour" White Vinyl VG+/NM $15

AYS "12" of.." VG+/NM $30

Bad Brains "I Luv I Jah" VG+/NM $45

Balance of Terror "A Better Tomorrow" Tour Edition NM/NM $6

Barkhard "S/t" EX/NM $30

Barkhard "S/t" Red Vinyl NM/NM $40

Tim Barry "Laurel St Demo 2005" Brown vinyl NM $30

Bear Proof Suit "BOYBOC" EX/NM $8

Beefeater "Plays For Lovers' EX/NM $20

Beowulf "Lost My Head" VG+/NM $35
Beyond “No Longer At Ease” VG+/EX Has
insert (Combined Effort) $40

BGK "Nothing Can Go Wrogn" Virus EX/NM $25

Bhopal "Age of Darkness" Ex/EX $10

Bicentennial Rub "S/t" Marble NM/NM $6

Bishop "Everything in Vein" Red/Yellow NM/NM $10

Black Breath "Sentenced to Life' EX/NM $12

Black Flag "1983 Demos" EX/NM $30

Black Flag "Damaged" Unicorn Press VG/VG+ $120

Black Flag "London 85" EX/NM $40

Black Flag "No Shirt No Shoes No Service" NM/NM $60

Black Hell "Deformers of the Universe" NM/NM $6

Blitz "Blitzed..An All out Attack" VG+/NM $30

Bloodlet "Live on WNYU" Orange Vinyl NM/NM $15

Bold "Speak Out" First Press Gatefold VG+/VG+ $50

The Bomb "The Challenger" Purple Marble NM/NM $7

Brawl/Blackcloud "Split" NM/NM Marbled Vinyl $6

Bridge and Tunnel "East/West" Ex/NM $7

Bridge And Tunnel "Rebuilding Year" White & Yellow Vinyl EX/NM $7

Broken Bones "Never Say Die" Gold promo stamp VG+/NM $17

Burning Sons "Reduced to Equality" White Vinyl NM/NM $10

The Business "Live and Loud" Link Press VG+/NM $30

The Business "Loud Proud & Punk" VG+/NM $35

The Business "Suburban Rebels" Link Press 1988 VG+/EX $30

Byallmeans "Fino A QUi" EX/NM $5

CAD "Tazky Kov" clear vinyl VG+/NM $10

Champion "Time Slips Away" Blue VG+/NM $10
Children in Adult Jails “Man Overcome
By Waffle Iron” VG+/EX has insert (Buy Our Records) $20

China White "Danger Zone" VG+/NM $30

Chorus of Disapproval "Firm Standing Law" 10" EX/VG+ $15

Chosen Ones "They Called Your Number" Blue Vinyl NM/NM $15

Christ on Parade/Die Schlact "Live at Gilman" EX/EX $30

Chronic Disorder "S/t" VG+/NM $30

Chronic Sick "Cutest Band in Hardcore" Blue Vinyl EX/NM $30

Citizens Arrest "Colossus" Red Vinyl with Insert VG+/NM $25

Combat 84 "Send in the Marines" 1st press VG+/NM $80

Concrete Sox "Your Turn Next" VG+/VG+ $20

Crime Desire "Your Power" NM/NM $8

Crown of Thornz "Trainyard Blues" Gold Vinyl with 7" #d/6 Sealed $80

Crucial Section "Catch The Future" NM/NM $10

Crucial Section "Language Isn't The Only Way..." NM/NM $10

Crucifix "S/t" Red Vinyl VG+/VG+ $80

Cryptics "S/t" NM/NM $6

Culture Shock "Go Wild" VG+ $15

Culture Shock "Reality Stop..." NM $16

Curtainrail "To Be With You" NM/NM White Vinyl $8

Cut Off "Sick of This Life" EX/NM $8

Cut Throat "S/t" NM/NM $10

Cynarae "S/t" Brown Swirl NM/NM $8

Czosnek "Sometimes" NM/NM $6

Damage "Sins of our Fathers" VG+/EX $150

Day Of Mourning "Your Future's End" Purple Splatter NM/NM $12

Dead Kennedys "Live July 4 1985" VG+/NM $100

Dead Kennedys "Moral Majority" NM/NM $40

Dead Kennedys "Plastic Surgery Demos" NM/NM Green Vinyl $60

Deconditioned "Where I Am" Pink Vinyl VG+/NM $8

Demolition "Mob of Wolves" NM/NM $6

Depression/Gash "Split" VG+/NM $20

DI "Richard Hung Himself" White Vinyl VG++/EX $25

Die Kreuzen "Century Days" SEALED $20

Discharge "warning..Her Majesty's" VG+/VG+ $30

Discharge "Why" VG+/VG+ $35

Disorder "Perdition" VG+/VG+ $45

DOA "Something Better Change" 3rd Press VG+ $50

DOA "Triumph of.." VG+/NM 2nd press $50

Doggy Style "Live at Sun City" Pic Disc NM $15

Done Dying "We Dream We Die" Test Pressing 12/20 NM/NM

Unplayed $100

Don't No "Incite the RIot" Red Cover VG+/NM $50

Doughboys "Happy Accidents" VG+/NM $10

Downcast "S/t" EX/EX $7

Dr Know "This Island Earth" VG+/EX $30

Dream Ritual "S/t" Orange Vinyl NM/NM $15

Drunk Injuns "Live" 10" VG+/NM Green Vinyl $50

Dwarves "Are Born Again" Signed  EX/NM $20

Empire of Rats "S/t" NM/NM $10

Endpoint "Last Record' 10" VG+/NM $10

Ensign "Direction.." Grey Vinyl NM $25

Ensign "Price of Progression" Euro Tour Version blue Vinyl NM/NM $30

Excel "Message in a Bottle" VG+/NM $12

Excel "Split Image" Suicidal Records VG+/NM $40

Exploited "Punks Not Dead" Secret VG+/NM $30

Eye For An Eye "Dystans" Ex/NM $10

Eye For An Eye "GRA" Green Vinyl NM/NM $12

Face Value "Price of Maturity" VG+/VG+ $12

The Faction "Dark Room" Red Labels VG+/NM $60

The Faction "Dark Room" Yellow Labels NM/NM $60

The Faction "Epitaph" Marbled Vinyl EX/NM $150

The Faction "Epitaph" See Thru Vinyl VG+/NM $75

The Faction "No Hidden Messages" VG+/VG+ Blue Vinyl $200

The Faction "No Hidden Messages" EX/NM Green vinyl with insert $175

The Faction "No Hidden Messages" EX/EX has insert $125

The Faction "Pegged for Live" NM/NM $10

Fahrenheit 451 "Turn It Up" VG+/NM Cut Corner $15

Fearless Iranians from Hell "Holy War" VG+/NM $35

Floodgate "Trouble's A Brewin" NM/EX $7

Flux of Pink Indians "The Fucking Cunts.."VG+/NM $45

Flux of Pink Indians " Uncarved Block" VG+/NM $40

4 Skins "Live and Loud" VG+/EX $30

454 Big Block "Save Me From Myself" VG+/NM $12

Freewill "Sun Return" Test Press NM/NM Unplayed $100

Front Line "Outside Your Window" VG+/NM $25

FU's "Do We Really" Gasatanka VG+/VG+ $30


Fury of Five “At War With The World”
NM/NM Yellow vinyl ( Victory) $30

FYPM "Dumbed Down" EX/NM White Vinyl $15

Gang Green "Drunk and Disorderly" Light Green vinyl EX/NM $30


Gang Green "PMRC Sucks" 12" Clear Vinyl VG+/NM $25

Gang Green "PMRC Sucks" 12"  VG+/NM $25

Gang Green " We'll Give It To You" Green Vinyl VG+/NM $20

Garden Variety "S/t" VG+/VG+ $10

Gastunk "Deadsong" NM/NM $40

Germs "Media Blitz" EX/EX $14

Go It Alone "Histories" White Vinyl VG+/NM Has a slight seam split $30

Government Flu "Vile Life" Green Vinyl NM/NM $12

Government Flu "Vile Life" Red Vinyl NM/NM $15


Government Issue "Boycott Stabb" VG/NM

1st Press with Insert $35

Green Day "Insomniac" NM/NM $16

Green Day "Nimrod" NM/NM $16

The Grim "S/t" EX/NM $45

Guilt "Synesthesia" 10" VG+/EX $5

Gun Club "Fire of Love" 1st Press VG+/VG+ $90

Half Life "Never Give In" NM/NM $15

Halfman "As Everything Fell Apart" NM/NM $5

Handsome "S/t" White Vinyl EX/NM $30

Happy Go Licky "S/t" VG+/NM $100

Hardside "2009-11" VG+/NM $10

Hatebreed "Satisfaction" Purple NM $30

Husker Du " Don't Wanna Know.." EX/NM $10

Icons of Filth "Onward Christian Soldiers" VG+/NM $50

Infest "Complete 87 demos" #42/100 NM $60

Instigators "live in Berlin" NM/NM $15

Integrity "Suicide Black Snake" Blk/Blue vinyl NM/NM $15

Integrity "Suicide Black Snake" Holy Terror Variant NM/NM $30

Jerry's Kids "Is This My World?" VG+/NM $225

Judge "No Apologies" VG+/NM $30

Judge "Revelation Can Suck It" EX/NM $30

King Nine "Scared To Death" White Vinyl (150) NM/NM $15

Knife in the Leg/Fix My Head "Split" NM/NM $6

Kobayashi "Neuanstrich" NM/NM $6

Korsfast "Huvuden Burde Rulla" VG+/EX $10

Koyaanisqatsi "Lebenszustand Der.." EX/NM $6

Koyaanisqatsi "Weiter" NM/NM $10

Kuro "S/t" VG+/NM $30

Landed "Everything's Happening" VG+/NM $8

Larm/Pandemonium "Split" Orange NM/NM $20

Lifetime "Ghost" EX/NM $25

Lords of Light "S/t" NM/NM $40

Love Canal "It's a Dogs Life..." VG+/NM $20

Massmord "Inget Liv/ Ingen Dod" VG+/Ex $10

Mau Maus "Running with the Pack" VG+/NM $45

Mayday "Staplegun" 10" VG+/VG+ $5

McRad "Absence of Sanity" Original Press VG+/NM $100

McRad "Dominant Force" VG+/NM $60


Meatmen "We're The Meatmen" 1 Press VG+/NM $40

MIA "Murder In a Foreign Place" VG+/NM $25

Minor Threat "Did You Fucking Get It" VG+/NM $60

Minus "S/t" Red Vinyl EX/NM $15

Misfits "Braineaters" EX/NM $25

Mizery "Absolute Light" Blue/Purple Vinyl NM/NM $12

The Mongoloids "Mongo Life' EX/NM " $10

Morne/Warprayer "Split" EX/NM $8

Moss Icon "It Disappears" silk screened EX/NM $40

Moss Icon/Silver Bearing "Split" VG+/EX $200

Most Precious Blood "Our Lady of.."EX/NM $30

Murder Junkies "Killing For Christ Sakes" NM/NM $12

Murphys Law "Bong Blast" Signed by Jimmy VG+ $25

Nausea "Extinction" VG+/NM $40

Navio Forge "As We Quietly Burn.." VG+/VG+ $15

Necros/White Flag "Jail Jello" Red Vinyl VG+/VG+ $6

Negative Gain "Back from the Dead" Has poster VG+/EX $40

Negazione "Lo Sprito Continua" EX/NM $50

Nip Drivers "Oh Blessed Freak Show" VG+/NM $25

No Warning "Suffer Survive" United Blood press" NM/NM $40

Noise "Demo Teapes 1991-95" NM/VG+ $10

Noisem "Agony Defined" Pink Vinyl NM/NM $15

Noose "The Moral Law" Pink Vinyl NM/NM $30

Noose "The Moral Law" Green Vinyl NM/NM $25

Outcrowd "New Music Solution" NM/NM $15

Outo "S/t" EX/VG+ $60


Part-1 "Pictures of Pain" VG+/VG++ on Pusmort $100

Duane Peters & Great Unwashed "Beautiful.." VG+/NM $60

Phalanx "S/t" NM/NM $8

Pittbull "S/t" Red Vinyl VG+/NM $15

Plain Wrap "Original Music.." VG+/VG+ $10

Pop-O-Pies "Joe's Second Record" VG+/NM $10

Praise "Lights Went Out" Blue Vinyl NM/NM $30

Rambo "Bring It" Red NM/NM $12

Rest In Pieces "My Rage" NM/NM Boot $60

Rigormortis "The Conveyed Message" VG+/NM $15

Ringworm "Bleed" Red Vinyl NM/NM $10

The Rival Mob "Mob Justice" Red Vinyl  NM/NM $10

The Rotters "Pull It And Yell" NM/NM $20

Rovsvett "Boll Mats Bjuder...." NM/NM $10

Ruin "He-HO" VG+/NM (Classic Philly Band) $20

Sacred Denial "North of the Order" VG+/EX $12

Sacred Denial "Life's Been Getting to Me" VG+/NM $20

Sacrilege "Behind the Realms.." Pusmort VG+/EX $100

Scared Straight "You Drink You Drive You Die" NM/NM $30

Seein' Red "We Need To Do More..." Red Vinyl NM/NM $10

Septic Death "Attention" boot EX/NM $40

Septic Death "84-92 Recordings" VG+/NM $50

Septic Death "Gore Story" Green Vinyl VG+/NM $75

Septic Death "Theme from Ozobozo" With obi VG+/NM $100

Septic Death "Time is the Boss" VG+/VG+ Green Vinyl $100

76% Uncertain "Hunka Hunka Buring Log" VG+/EX $10

76% Uncertain "Estimated Monkey Time" 1st Press VG+/EX $65

76% Uncertain " Nothing but Love Songs" VG+/NM $45

Sex Pistols "Best Of..." VG+/EX $25

Sex Pistols "Live Worldwide" VG+/NM $15

Sex Pistols "Some Product" VG++/NM seam unglued $20

Sex Prisoner "Tannhauser Gate" Red Marble VG++/NM

(corner ding) $15

Sheer Terror "Standing Up For" Purple Vinyl NM/NM $12

Shelter "Power of Positive Thinking" 10" pic disc NM $10

Shin to Shin "S/t" Red/White $10

The Shitlickers "1982" Sweden's first D-Beat Band NM/NM $30

16 Blasare Utan Hjarna "Vem Ska Bara.." EX/NM $10

Skarhead "Dreams Don't Die" Blacl/Blue VG+/NM $30

Skeptix "So The Youth" VG+ $75

Skulls "Dress Up and Die" EX/NM $12

Slapshot "Digital Warfare" Yellow Vinyl EX/NM $30

Slapshot "Sudden Death Overtime" VG+/VG+ Insert has seam split $40

Sleeper Cell "S/T" NM/NM $5

Slumlords "S/t' Red Vinyl 4/95 NM/NM $30

Slumlords "On the Stremph!" Gatefold VG+/NM $12

SNFU "Better Than A Stick" VG+/NM $25

Sore Throat "Never Mind The Napalm..." VG+/NM $40

Staathaat "S/t" EX/NM $6

Stormcrow "Enslaved in Darkness" NM/NM $15

Straightjacket Nation "Cheap Kicks" NM/NM $7

Strassenjungs "Dauerlutscher" VG+/VG+ $8

Strassenjungs "Los!" VG+/NM $6

Strassenjungs "Wir Ham Ne Party" VG+/VG+ $6

Struggle "S/t" VG+/EX $7

Strung Up "Society Rot in Hell" NM/NM $7

Subhumans (Canada) "S/t" VG+/NM $100

Suicidal Tendencies "S/t" 1st Press with insert VG+/EX $40

Sweet Baby "It's A Girl" Pink Vinyl NM $30

Tarrakian "The Swarm" NM/NM $8

Token Entry "Weight of the World" VG+/NM $10

Toxic Reasons "Kill By Remote Control" VG+ $35

Toxic Reasons "Within These Walls" VG+ $25

Trash Talk "No Peace" Has Flexi NM/NM $15

True Colors "Focus on the Light" Clear Vinyl NM/NM $20

Turning Point "Discography" Clear Vinyl Only 200 Copies EX/NM $65

Undead "Never Say Die" VG+/VG+ $30

Underdog "Demos" Far Out VG+/NM $30

Underdog "Demos" Rev VG+ $25

Underdog "Demos" Rev Blue Vinyl VG+/NM $200

Underdog "Matchless" Test Press Blue Vinyl UNPLAYED  $200

Underdog "Sandy Survivors" White Vinyl Unplayed $100

Underdog "Sandy Survivors" Red Vinyl #1 Unplayed $125

Underdog "Sandy Survivors" Blue Vinyl Unplayed $125

Underdog "Vanishing Point" Go Kart EX/NM $30

Underdog "Vanishing Point" Go Kart Red Vinyl EX/VG+ $30

Underdog "Vanishing Point" Promo stamp with press kit VG+/NM $60

Underdog "Vanishing Point" Caroline VG+ $25

Undertow "At Both Ends" EX/NM $30

Uniform Choice "Screaming for Change" VG+/EX Has insert $30

Uniform Choice "Screaming for Change" VG+/NM $25


Uppercut "Four Walls" EX/NM $20

The Varukers "Another Religion.." NM/NM $10

The Varukers "Live in Holland" VG+/NM $12

The Varukers "One Struggle.." NM/NM $10

Verbal Abuse "Rocks Your Liver" VG+/NM $14


Vilipend "Inamorata" Baby Blue Vinyl NM/NM $15

Vivid Sekt "Dance Among the Debris" NM/NM $8

Void "Condensed Flesh" EX $20

The Wankys "Very Best of.." Green Vinyl NM/NM $10

Warzone "Old school to New School" Smoke vinyl NM $40

World Collapse "Deutschland.." Red/Yellow/Black Vinyl NM/NM $15

Wrong Answer "Circle of Blood"Gold EX/NM $15

Xibalba/Suburban Scum "Split" Blue/White Vinyl EX/NM $15

Young Livers "The New Drop Era" Pink Marble NM/NM $7

Youth Defense League "Voice of Brooklyn" EX/NM with 7" $40

Youth Defense League "American Pride" Clear Vinyl VG+/NM $25

Youth Defense League "American History" EX $20

Youth Defense League "Old Glory" NM $10

V/A "Bullshit Detector" EX/NM $25

V/A "Cleanse the Bacteria" Blue Vinyl VG+/NM $180

V/A Cottage Cheese From The Lips of Death"  Big Boys, Buttholes, and more VG+/NM $75


V/A "Do You Remember Rock N Roll?" with The Faction VG+ $20

V/A "Empty Skulls Vol 2" COC Justice League Crude SS VG+/NM $25


V/A "Free For All" VG+/VG++ Token Entry NFAA

Rest in Pieces Wrecking Crew $25

V/A "4 Bands that Could Change the World" 7 Seconds Adrenalin OD

White Flag F EX/NM $15

V/A "Get Off My Back" Philly HxC Comp VG+/NM $30

V/A "It's For Life" Consequence Records Press EX/NM $25

V/A "Master Tapes Vol 1"  VG+/NM $70

V/A "Master Tapes Vol 2" G/NM $150

V/A "MRR Presents Welcome to 1984" VG+/NM $25

V/A "Music Does a Body Good" Glue Records VG+/VG+ $7

V/A "Mutiny on the Bowery" NM $15

V/A "Oi Glorious Oi" VG+/VG+ $20

V/A "Open Mind Surgery" VG+/EX $15

V/A "Posh Hits Vol 1" VG+/NM $20

V/A "Powerless II" EX/EX $11

V/A "Sounds of Hollywood" VG+/EX $40

V/A "Sudden Death" smoke seven VG+/NM $50

V/A "Sunday Matinee" Clear Vinyl VG+/NM $25

V/A "Spleurk Vol 1" EX/NM $20

V/A "Spleurk Vol 2 VG+/nm $15

V/A "This is the ALF" EX/NM $30

V/A "This is the ALF" 2xLP VG+/NM $30

V/A "Thrasher Skate Rock Vol 2" TEST PRESS

generic sleeve vg+ vinyl $300

V/A "US of Oi" VG+/NM $40

V/A "We Don't Want Your Fucking War" VG+/NM $30

V/A "We Got Power Party or Go Home" Clear Green NM/NM $20

V/A "Who?What?Why?When?WHere?" VG+/NM $20