We are now selling records from other labels as well as used records. Everything is strictly graded by sleeve then vinyl. Pictures always available upon request. Labels get in touch to have us carry your releases.

If you want to order, just email us the list of what you want, along with your address and we will send you a total.



New LP's E-P 


Earth "Primative and Deadly" $30

Earth Crisis "Destroy The Machine" $15

Earth Crisis "Gamorrah's Season Ends" $out of stock

Eel "Night Parade of 100 Demons" $17

18 Visions "XVIII" $24

88 Figures Louie "Thank You For Being A Friend" $24

Electric Funeral "Total Funeral" 2xLP $24

Elliott "Song in the Air" RSD Orange/Yel/Blk Vinyl $16

Embrace "S/t" $15


Endeavor "Constructive Semantics" $10

E.Town Concrete "Second Coming" Yellow Vinyl $14

Even Worse "We Suck" $25


The Evens "S/t" $16


The Evens "Get Evens" $16

The Evens "The Odds" $16

Every Time I Die "Low Teens" $23

Excel "Blaze Some Hate" Still Sealed $20

Excel "The Joke's On You" $20

Excel "Split Image" 2xlp $out of stock

Exit Condition "Bite Down Hard/Impact Time" $20

Exit Condition "H2S04"$20

Exit Order "Seed of Hysteria" $16


The Expelled "Demos and Singles 81-84" Red Vinyl $30

Expire "Old Songs" Orange Vinyl $17

Expire "Pendulum Swings" Green/Black Vinyl $17


Expire "Pretty Low" $out of stock

Expire "With Regret" $16

Exploited "Apocalypse Tour 1981" Red Vinyl opened to check color $40

Exploited "Beat The Bastards" $28

Exploited "Dogs of War Live" Grey vinyl $26

Exploited "Fuck The System" $30

Exploited "Horror Epics" $out of stock

Exploited "Let's Start A War" $34

Exploited "The Massacre" 2xLP $32

Exploited "On Stage" Colored Vinyl $34


Exploited "Punk at Leeds 83" $20

Exploited "Punk Singles & Rarities 1980-83" $42

Exploited "Totally Exploited" 2xLP Red Vinyl $25

Exploited "Troops of Tomorrow" Grey Vinyl on Drastic $18

Extreme Noise Terror "S/t" Various colors of Marbled Vinyl $17

Extreme Noise Terror "From One Extreme To Another" $20


Extreme Noise Terror "Law of Retaliation" $out of stock

Extreme Noise Terror "Phonophobia" 2xLP 1 is Black 1 is Red $32

Face To Face "Big Choice" $17


Face To Face "Don't Turn Away" $16

Face To Face "S/t" $16

Face To Face "Protection" $16

The Faction "Corpse In Disguise" Blue Vinyl $16

The Faction "Dark Room" Red Vinyl $out of stock

The Faction "Destroys OC" Clear Vinyl $16

The Faction "Epitaph" Clear vinyl $16

The Faction "No Hidden Messages" Green Vinyl $20

The Faction "Pegged For Live" See our releases page for all 3 versions

The Faction "Yesterday Is Gone" White Vinyl $20


Faith "Subject to Change Plus First Demo" $16

Faith/Void "Split" $17

Failures "Decline and Fall" $24

Fang "Landshark" $16

Fanzui Xiangfa "2006-14 Discography" $15

Farside "The Monroe Doctrine" RSD Red Vinyl $15

Fastplants/Daniel Waxoff "Split" $13

Fastplants "Spread The Stoke" $13

Fear "The Record" $24


Feederz "Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?" $16

Fell To Low "Low in The Dust" Clear Vinyl $14

Fifteen "Swain's First Bike Ride" $22

Filth "Live at Gilman Feb 28, 1992" Smoke Vinyl 23

Final Conflict "Ashes to Ashes" $22


Final Conflict "Nineteen Eighty-Five" $20

Fireburn "Don't Stop The Youth" Various colors $15

Firehose "Ragin Full On" LP $17

Firewalker "S/t" Clear $22

First Blood "Killifornia" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

First Blood "Rules" Colored Vinyl $17

First Blood "Silence Is Betrayal" Grey Marble Blue Vinyl $13

Fit for Abuse "Mindless Violence" $18

Harley Flanagan "Cro-Mags" $24

Flatliners "Inviting Light" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

The Flex "Wild Stabs..." Pink $18

Flipper "Blow'n Chunks" $22

Flipper "Generic Flipper" $20

Flipper "Sex Bomb Baby" $23

Flogging Molly "Drunken Lullabies"  $18

Flogging Molly "Float" $out of stock

Flogging Molly "Life is Good" $24

Flogging Molly "Swagger" Colored Vinyl $20

Flogging Molly "Within A Mile Of Home" $18

Floodgate "Troubles A Brewin" $8

Floorpunch "Fast Time.." $18

Floorpunch "Twin Killing" $18


Flowers in the Dustbin "KO" $14

Fog (Omixah)"Our Everyday" $15

Forced Order "One Last Prayer" $21

Forced Order "Vanished Crusade" Clear Gold Vinyl $14

411 "The Side You Cannot See" Orange Vinyl $13


4-Skins "Fistful of.." $30

4-Skins "Good,Bad & 4-Skins" $out of stock

4-Skins "Low Life' $23

4-Skins "Wonderful World" Yellow Vinyl $24

Framework "Smother" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards "S/t" Clear/Smoke Vinyl Limited to 300 $30

Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards "S/t" $17

Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards "Live and Loud" $17

Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards "Live and Loud" Clear/Smoke Vinyl

Limited to 300  $30


Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards "Switchblade" $12


Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards "Viking" Hellcat Press $21

Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards "Viking" $17

Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards "Viking" Clear/Smoke Vinyl limited to 300 $30

Freedom "USA Hardcore" $20

Freewill "Sun Return" Green Vinyl $14

Freewill "Sun Return" Purple Vinyl $14

Freewill "Sun Return" 77 Pressing Green Marble $40

From Ashes Rise "Nightmares" $13


FUs "Kill For Christ" Green Vinyl $15

FUs "Kill For Christ/My America" Cover has minor creasing $25

Fuck You Pay Me "Dumbed Down" Colored Vinyl $20

Fuck You Pay Me " Public Disgrace" $16

Fucked and Bound "Sufferage" Smoke Vinyl $17


Fucked Up "David Comes To Life" $out of stock

Fucked Up "Live at Third Man Records' $15

Fucked Up "Year of the Hare" $out of stock

Fucking Invincible " It'll Get Worse.." $16


Fugazi "Argument" $17

Fugazi "End Hits" $16

Fugazi "FIrst Demo" $15

Fugazi "S/t" $16


Fugazi "In on the Kill Taker" $17


Fugazi "Instrument" $17


Fugazi "Margin Walker" $14


Fugazi "Red Medicine" $15

Fugazi "Repeater" $17


Fugazi "Steady Diet of Nothing" $17

Fury "Paramount" Colored Vinyl $22

Gallows "Desolation Sounds" Green/Black $out of stock

Gang Green "Another Wasted Night" White Vinyl $20

Gaslight Anthem "American Slang" $17

Gaslight Anthem "The B-Sides' $17

Gaslight Anthem "The 59 Sound" $17

Gaslight Anthem "Handwritten" Blue Vinyl $28

GBH "City Baby Attacked By Rats" Colored Vinyl $out of stock


GBH "City Baby's Revenge" Colored Vinyl $23


GBH "Dover Showplace 1983" Red Vinyl 500 copies $25

GBH "A Fridge Too Far" Blue Vinyl $22

GBH "From Here To Reality" Coke Bottle Blue $22


GBH "Leather Bristles Studs and Acne" White Vinyl $out of stock

GBH "Live At The ACE Brixton" $22

GBH "Midnight Madness and Beyond" Yellow Vinyl $23

GBH "Momentum" $24

GBH "No Need To Panic" Blue Vinyl $22

GBH "No Survivors" Red Vinyl  $22


GBH "Punked in the OC" $20

Gears "Rockin At Ground Zero" $14

The Gerbils "Dead Detroit" Members of Necros, Negative Approach $22

Germs "GI" $out of stock

The Germs "Lion's Share" $22

The Germs "Rock N Rule" $25


The Germs "The Whisky/Hong Kong Cafe78-79" Pic Disc $25

Get Up Kids "Four Minute Mile" Splatter vinyl $out of stock

Get Up Kids "Something To Write Home About" $out of stock


Girls Against Boys "Venus Luxure No 1 Baby" $15

Gism "Detestation" 2xLP $40

Gism "Militaly Affairs Neurotic" $24

Giuda "Lets Do It Again" $out of stock

Giuda "Racey Roller" $out of stock

Giuda "Speaks Evil" $30

Give "Electric Flower Circus" $14

Give "Electric Flower Cult' $15


Give "Singles Going Confetti" $16

Give "Sonic Blood" Red Vinyl $20

Give "Sonic Blood" Gold Vinyl $13

Give Up The Ghost "Background Music" $13


Give Up The Ghost "Year One" $out of stock


Glassjaw "Everything You Ever Wanted" $45

Glory "S/t" $18

Glue " S/t" $17

Gogol Bordello "Gypsy Punks" 2xLP $out of stock

Gogol Bordello "Pura Vida Conspiracy" $22

Gogol Bordello "Super Taranta!" 2xLP $18

Gone Is Gone "S/t" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Good Riddance "Bound by Ties of Blood.." $15

Good Riddance "A Comprehensive Guide To..." $out of stock


Good Riddance "My Republic" $15

Good Riddance "Peace in our Time" $15

Good Riddance "Remain in Memory" Final Show $20


Good Riddance "Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit" $out of stock

Gorilla Biscuits "Cats and Dogs" $30

Gorilla Biscuits "Start Today" Glow in the Dark Vinyl $60

Gorilla Biscuits "Start Today" Current Press $out of stock


Government Issue "The Best of" $13

Government Issue "Boycott Stabb Complete Session" $15


Government Issue "Joyride" $12


Government Issue "The Fun Just Never Ends" $12


Government Issue "S/t/ $14


Gray Matter "Food for Thought" $out of stock


Gray Matter "Take it Back" $out of stock

Great Collapse " We Are The..." $16

Green Day " 39/Smooth" Comes with 2 7"s $26

Green Day "American Idiot" 2xLP $36

Green Day "Awesome As FXXK" $24

Green Day "Dookie" $out of stock

Green Day "Dookie Demo" $32

Green Day "Insomniac" $24

Green Day "Kerplunk" Comes with bonus 7" $26

Green Day "Listen To Me Whine" Colored Vinyl $26

Green Day "Live on Green Vinyyyy...yl" $25

Green Day "MTV Broadcast..." $out of stock

Green Day "Nimrod" $24

Green Day "Revolution Radio" $out of stock

Green Day "Warning" $25

Green Day "WFMU" 2xLP $32

Green Day "Woodstock 1994" $out of stock

Greyhouse "Dives to the Deep End" Grey Marbled Vinyl $20

Griever "Our Love is Different" $out of stock

The Grim "S/t" $20

Guana Batz " Held Down At Last" $25

Gun Club " Fire of Love" $out of stock

Guns Up "2002-2007" Still sealed seam split at top $27

H2O "Don Fury Demo Sessions"  $16

H2O "Don Fury Demo Sessions" Red Vinyl $30

H2O "Don Fury Demo Sessions" Clear Vinyl $40


H2O "Don't Forget Your Roots" Green Marbled Vinyl $15

H2O "FTTW" Pic DIsc $24

H2O "S/t" Red Vinyl $16

H2O "Live Aug 19, 2002" $22

H2O "Nothing To Prove" Orange Vinyl $16


H2O "Thicker Than Water" Clear Vinyl $out of stock

H2O "Thicker Than Water" Orange/Black Splatter $30

H2O "Use Your Voice' Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Hard Evidence "S/t" $15

Hard-Ons "Peel Me Like An Egg" $18

Harms Done "Abuse/Abused" $15

Harms Way "Post Human" $30

Harm Wulf "Hijrah" $out of stock

Hardware "Burning In The Sun" Red Vinyl $16

Harms Way "Rust" $out of stock

Francis Harold And The Holograms " The White Bull Weeps"

Pink Splatter Vinyl $10

Harrington Saints "Bettin On A Longshot" $16

Harrington Saints "Dead Broke" Oxblood Vinyl $14

Harrington Saints "Price & Tradition" Colored Vinyl $14

Hatebreed "The Concrete Confessional" $30

Hatebreed "Satisfaction..." $17

Dave Hause "Bury Me In Philly" $24

Have Heart "Songs To Scream At The Sun" Clear Vinyl $out of stock


Have Heart "What Counts" $12

Have Heart "What Counts' Orange Vinyl $13

Have Heart "What Counts" White Vinyl $13

Hazen St "S/t" Green/White Vinyl $30

Hazen St "S/t" 40 Copies Silver silk screen $50

Heiress "Of Great Sorrow" Ex Undertow, Shift, Himsa $20

Hell Mary "S/t" Green Vinyl $12


Heresy "Face Up To It" $20

Heresy "1985-87" $20

Heroin "S/t" $14

Hierophant "Great Mother Holy Master" $out of stock

Hierophant "Peste" $out of stock

High Society "Fear or Freedom" $16

Higher Power "Soul Structure" $18

Higher Power "Soul Structure" Pink Vinyl $22


Hoover "Lurid Traversal of Route 7" $15

Horrorpops "Bring It On" $24


Horrorpops "Hell Yeah" $20


Horrorpops "Kiss Kiss Kill Kill" $22

Hot Snakes "Audit in Progress" colored vinyl $27

Hot Snakes "Automatic Midnight" colored vinyl $27


Hot Water Music/Leatherface "BYO Split Series Vol 1" $15

Hot Water Music "20th Anniversary Collection" Colored Vinyl 4xLP Set $70

Hot Water Music "Caution" Green Vinyl  $out of stock

Hot Water Music "Exister" $18

Hot Water Music "A Flight and a Crash" Split colored vinyl $out of stock

Hot Water Music "Forever and Counting" Colored Vinyl $23

Hot Water Music "Light It Up" Colored Vinyl $23

Hot Water Music "Never Ender" Marbled Vinyl $17

Hot Water Music "The New What Next" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

HR "Human Rights" $20

Husker Du "Flip Your Wig" $out of stock


Husker Du "Land Speed Record" $out of stock

Husker Du "Metal Circus" 10 inch $24

Husker Du "New Day Rising" $23

Husker Du "Zen Arcade" $36

Ignite "Call On My Brothers' Colored Vinyl $14

Ignite "A War Against You" 180G Gold Vinyl & CD $25

Ill Repute "1982 Demos" $18

Ill Repute "What Happens Next" Mystic Collectibles Version $20

Incendiary "Cost of Living" $out of stock

Incendiary "Crusade" $out of stock

Indecision "Most Precious Blood" RSD $18

Indian Summer "S/t" Clear Vinyl $20

Infa Riot "Kids of the 80s" $24

Insted "Proud Youth" RSD Colored Vinyl 2xLP  $27

Institute "Catharsis" $18


Institute "Glue" $15


Institute "S/t" $18

Institute "Subordination" $20


Integrity “Den of Iniquity” RSD 2014 Green Vinyl (Organized Crime) $30

Integrity "Humanity is the Devil" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Integrity/Power Trip "Split" $16

Integrity "Seasons In The Size of Days" RSD White Vinyl $17


Internal Rot "Mental Hygiene" $15

Interrupters "S/t" $24

Interrupters "Say It Out Loud" $23


Into Another "Ignarus" Blue Vinyl $14


Into Another "S/t" Blue Vinyl $13

Into Another "Omens" Purple Vinyl $13

Iron Chic " The Constant One" Blue Vinyl $out of stock

Iron Cross "Crucified For Your Sins" $25


Iron Mind "S/t" Australian HxC $15

Iron Reagan "Crossover Ministry" $23

Iron Reagan/Exhumed "Split" $18

Iron Reagan/Gatecreeper "Split" $22

Iron Reagan "Spoiled Identity" Gold Vinyl $20


Iron Reagan "Tyranny of Will" $20

Iron Reagan "Worse Than Dead" $out of stock


Jawbox "For Your Own Special Sweetheart" $out of stock


Jawbox "Grippe" $14

Jawbox "S/t" $out of stock


Jawbox "Novelty" $15


Jawbreaker "24 Hour Revenge Therapy" $17


Jawbreaker "Bivouac" $17


Jawbreaker "Chesterfield King" $11

Jawbreaker "Dear You" $28

Jawbreaker "Etc" 2xLP $24

Jawbreaker "Unfun" $out of stock


Jerry's Kids "Is This My World" $out of stock

Jets to Brazil "Four Cornered Night" $30

Jets to Brazil "Orange Rhyming Dictionary" $30

Jets to Brazil "Perfecting Loneliness" $32

JFA "To All Out Friends" $out of stock

Joan of Arc "How Memory Works" $26

Joan of Arc "Live in Chicago" $30

Joan of Arc "Portable Model Of" $27

Joan of Arc "So Much Staying Alive..." $26

John Henry West "Door Bolted Shut" Comes with CD $15


Joy Division "Autosuggestion" $17

Judge "Bringin It Down" 180G vinyl $17

Judge "Bringin It Down" Purple Vinyl $50

Judge "Bringin It Down" Gold Vinyl $30

Judge "Bringin It Down" Red Vinyl $15


Judge "What it Meant Discography" 2xLP Blue Vinyl $21

Kaaos "Ristinnaulittu Kaaos" $13


Keep It Clear "A Lesson That You're Gonna Learn" $15


Kill Your Idols "Funeral for a Feeling" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Killing Time "Brightside" Orange Vinyl $23

Killing Time "Brightside" Splatter vinyl only 200 copies $60


King Nine "Scared to Death" White Vinyl $16

Garrett Klahn "S/t" Colored vinyl with CD $23

Koffin Kats "Born of the Motor" $17

Koffin Kats "Our Way & The Highway" White Vinyl $out of stock

Darius Koski "What Was Once.." $16


Kraut "An Adjustment to Society" Colored Vinyl $16

Krimewatch "S/t" $15

L7 "Slap Happy" $24


Lagwagon "Double Plaidinum" $24


Lagwagon "Hoss' $24


Lagwagon "Trashed" $26

The Lancasters "2000-2005" $out of stock

Lard "70s Rock Must Die" $12


Larm "Extreme Noise" $20


Last Resort / Combat 84 "Split" $30

Last Resort/Combat 84 "Split" Pink Vinyl only 200 Copies $30


Last Resort "A Way of Life, Skinhead Anthems"  $22

Leatherface "Mush" $32

Leatherface "Minx" $32

Leeway "Born To Expire" Clear Vinyl $20

Leeway "Desperate Measures" Blue Vinyl $20

Leftover Crack "Constructs of The State" $16

Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish "Deadline" $out of stock

Leftover Crack "Fuck World Trade" 2xLP $25

Leftover Crack "Mediocre Generica" $24

Lemuria "Get Better" $34

Lemuria "Pebble" $16


Lethal Agression "Life Is Hard But That's No Excuse" $25

Lies "Plague" $16

Life But How To Live It "Day By Day" Scene Support Version $20

Lifesblood "Discography" already sold out thru prank records $20

Lifetime "Hello Bastards" Clear Vinyl out of stock

Lifetime "Jersey's Best Dancers" Yellow Vinyl $out of stock

Lifetime "S/t" Brown Marble $out of stock

Limp Wrist "Facades" $out of stock

Lion of Judah "Soul Power Plus 4" $15

Lionheart "Welcome to the West Coast" Pic Disc $20

Lionheart "Welcome to the West Coast II" $out of stock

Lion's Law "From the Storm" $14

Lion's Law "Open your Eyes" colored vinyl $out of stock

Lip Cream "Kill All Ugly Pop" 2xLP $36

Living Laser "Find A Way" Green  $15

The Locust "Plague Soundscapes" $out of stock

The Lookouts "Spy Rock Road and Other Stories" 2xlp $out of stock

Los Crudos "Discography" 2xLP $36


LSD "Discography" $14


The Loud Ones "Time To Skate" $16

Lower Class Brats " Primary Reinforcement Plus" $out of stock

Ludichrist "God is Everywhere" 2xlp Marbled Vinyl $40

Luicidal S/t" $22

Lungfish "A.C.R" $15

Lungfish "Indivisible" $14

Lungfish "Rainbows from Atoms" $out of stock

Lungfish "Sound In Time" $16


Lungfish "Talking Songs For Walking" $out of stock

Luther "Lets Get You Somewhere Else" Cut Corner $6

Mad Parade "S/t" $18

Mad Sin "Break the Rules" $20

Mad Sin "Chills & Thrills" $out of stock

Mad Sin "Distorted Dimensions" $out of stock

Madball "Demonstrating My Style" Silver Vinyl $36


Madball "Empire" $13


Madball "Hardcore Live" $20

Madball "Look My Way"  $25

Magnum Force "2009-16" $out of stock

Major Accident "Massacred Melodies" $23

Malfunction "Fear Of Failure" White Vinyl $14

Malice at the Palace "S/t" Colored Vinyl $20

Man is the Bastard "Bastard Noise Lost MITB Sessions" $18

Manhunt "S/t" $17

Marginal Man "Identity" $14


Masked Intruder "S/t" $17


Masked Intruder " MI" $out of stock

Mau Maus "Fear No Evil $20

MDC "Elvis in the Rhineland" Red Vinyl RSD $20


MDC "Hey Cop, If I had a Face Like Yours" $15

MDC "Hey Cop, If I had a Face Like Yours" Green Vinyl RSD $20

MDC "Live @ CBGB's 1983" Green Vinyl RSD $20


MDC "Magnus Dominus Corpus" $16

MDC "Metal Devil Cokes" Gold Vinyl RSD $20

MDC "Millions of Dead Cops" $17

MDC/Restarts "Split" $16

MDC "Shades of Brown" Blue Vinyl RSD $20

MDC "Smoke Signals" White Vinyl RSD $20

MDC "This Blood's For You" Clear Vinyl RSD $20

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes "Are We Not Men?... $16


Me First and the Gimme Gimmes "Blow in the Wind" $out of stock

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes "Rake it in///Greatest Hits' $18

Mean Jeans "Tight New Dimension" $out of stock


Mean Season "The Memory and I Still Suffer in Love" $21

Meatmen "Savage Sagas From" Gold Vinyl $17


Meatmen "War of the Superbikes" $out of stock

Meatmen "We're The Meatmen and You Suck" $18

Melvins "Dave Crover' $out of stock

Melvins "Eggnog + Lice-All" $out of stock

Melvins "Joe Preston" $out of stock

Melvins "King Buzzo" $out of stock

Melvins "Stag" $28

Melvins "Ozma" $26


Mentors "You Axed for it" Pink Vinyl $28


Menzingers "After The Party" $25


Menzingers "On the Impossible Past" $22


Menzingers "Rented World" $22

Messthetics "S/t" $17

Mewithoutyou "Ten Stories" Purple Vinyl $out of stock

MIA "Lost Boys" Sealed but shows minor wear $20


Mighty Mighty Bosstones "More Noise and Other.." $17

Millencolin "Life on a Plate' $24

Millencolin "Pennybridge Pioneers" $24

Mindset "Leave No Doubt" Blue/White Vinyl  or Yellow Vinyl $17

Mindset "Real Power/Time & Pressure" Clear Vinyl $16

Mindsnare "The Death" Green Marble Vinyl $14

Minor Threat "Black Sheep In Gotham" Red Vinyl $30

Minor Threat "S/t" $15


Minor Threat "Out of Step" $16

Minor Threat "Try Not To Forget" Orange Vinyl $25

Minutemen "Buzz or Howl Under The Influence" $out of stock

Minutemen "Double Nickels On The Dime" 2xLP $out of stock

Minutemen "Politics of TIie" $20

Minutemen "The Punchline" $23


Minutemen "3-Way Tie for Last" $17

Minutemen "What Makes A Man Start Fires" $24

Miracle Drug "How Much Is Enough" Blue Vinyl $15


Misery "From the Seeds That We Have Sown" $14

Misfits "12 Hits From Hell" $30

Misfits "198 MSP Sessions" $30

Misfits "Collection 1" $22

Misfits "Collection 2" $22

Misfits "Die Die My Darling" $10

Misfits "Descent into Evil" $30


Misfits "Earth AD" $24

Misfits "Evilive" $21

Misfits "Friday The 13th" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Misfits "Last Caress Live in Detroit 1983" $34

Misfits "Legacy of Brutality" $22

Misfits "Project 1950" Colored $out of stock


Misfits "Static Age" $out of stock

Misfits "To The Devil A Daughter" Clear Vinyl $34

Misfits Walk Among Us $out of stock

Mizery "Absolute Light" Blue Purple Vinyl $17

The Mob "Let the Tribe Increase" $out of stock

Modern Pain "Peace Delusions" Purple Vinyl $14

Modern Warfare "Complete Recordings" $20

The Mongoloids "Mongo Life" Black Vinyl 1st Press $16

Morning Glory "Post War Psalms" Colored Vinyl $14

Most Precious Blood "DNR" Clear Vinyl $16

Most Precious Blood "Merciless" Green Vinyl $16

Motorhead "Ace of Spades' $23

Motorhead "Bomber" $out of stock

Motorhead "Covers' $30

Motorhead "Iron Fist" $17

Motorhead "Iron Fist" 180G $out of stock

Motorhead "S/t" Single LP $25

Motorhead "S/t" 2xLP 180g  $40

Motorhead "No Remorse" 2xLP $out of stock


Motorhead "No Sleep Til Hammersmith" $17

Motorhead "Orgasmatron" $17

Motorhead "Rock N Roll" 180G Colored Vinyl $22

Mouthpiece "Cant Kill What's Inside" Gold Vinyl $13

Mudhoney "Superfuzz.." $15

Municipal Waste "Slime and Punishment" Green Vinyl $25

Municipal Waste "Waste Em All" $15

Municipal Waste/Toxic Holocaust "Toxic Waste Split" $out of stock


Murder Junkies "A Killing Tradition" $out of stock

Murphy's Law "Back With a Bong" Colored Vinyl $15

Murphy's Law "The Best of Times' Colored Vinyl $16

Murphy's Law "S/t" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Murphy's Law "Party's Over" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Nails "Abandon All Life" $out of stock

Nails "Unsilent Death" $out of stock

Nails "You Will Never..." $out of stock

Naked Raygun "All Rise" $20

Naked Raygun "Jettison" $20

Naked Raygun "Raygun..Naked Raygun" Black & White Vinyl

limited to 500 copies $20


Naked Raygun "Throb Throb" $20

Naked Raygun "Understand" $20


Napalm Christ "S/t" $20

Napalm Death "Apex Predator-Easy Meat" Purple Vinyl $22

Napalm Death "From Enslavement to.." $28

Napalm Death "Scum" $28

Napalm Death "Utopia Banished" $28

Nasum "Helvete" $21


Nation of Ulysses "Plays Pretty for Baby" $16


Nation of Ulysses "13 Point Program" $out of stock


Nausea "Condemned to the System" $17

Nausea "World Struggle Demos 88-92" $25

Neanderthal "History of Violence" $22

Necros "Live In 85" Red Vinyl $17

Negative Approach "Nothing Will Stand in our Way" $20


Negative Approach "Tied Down" $18

Negative FX "S/t" $22

Nekromantix "Brought Back to Life" $23

Nekromantix "Dead Bodies" $12


Nekromantix "Dead Girls Don't Cry" $20

Nekromantix "Life Is a Grave" Pic Disc $25

Nekromantix "Symphony of Wolf Tones.." $24


Nekromantix "What Happens in Hell.." $22

Neuroot "Right is Might" black vinyl $13

Neuroot "Right is Might" Yellow Vinyl $15

Neurosis "The Eye of Every Storm" 2xLP $40

Neurosis "A Sun That Never Sets" 2xLP $40

Neurosis "Through Silver in Blood" 2xLP $42

Neurosis "Times of Grace" 2xLP $42

Neurosis "The Word As Law" $28

New Brigade "Join The Brigade" $14


New Found Glory "Resurrection" $17


Night Birds "Born To Die In Suburbia" $16

Night Birds "Fresh Kills Vol 1" $out of stock

Night Birds "Mutiny at Muscle Beach" $16


Night Birds "The Other Side of Darkness" $17


Nightfell "The Living Ever Mourn" His Hero Is Gone members $out of stock

Nine Shocks Terror "Zen and the Art.." $13


No Fraud "1984 Demos" $15

No Mercy "Widespread Bloodshed" $25

No Tolerance "You Walk Alone" $17

No Use For A Name "All the Best Songs" 2xLP $26

No Use For a Name "Daily Grind" $16

No Use For a Name "Feel Good Record.." $16


No Use For a Name "Hard Rock Bottom" $17

No Use For A Name "Keep Them Confused" $17

No Use For a Name "Making Friends" $16

No Use For A Name "More Betterness" $17

No Use For a Name "Leche Con Carne" $16

No Use For A Name "Live in a Dive" $out of stock

No Use For A Name "Rarities Vol 1 The Covers" $16

No Warning "Ill Blood" 2xLP Colored Vinyl $out of stock

No Warning "Torture Culture" $27

The No WTO Combo "From The Battle in Seattle" $10

NOFX "Backstage Passport Soundtrack" $16

NOFX "The Decline" $17

NOFX "First Ditch Effort" Colored Vinyl $20

NOFX "Frisbee" $out of stock

NOFX "Heavy Petting Zoo" $out of stock

NOFX "Home Street Home" $16


NOFX "I Heard They Suck Live" $16

NOFX "Liberal Animation" $20

NOFX "Maximumrocknroll"  $20

NOFX "Pump Up The Valuum" $20

NOFX "Punk In Drublic"  $out of stock

NOFX/Rancid "Split" $out of stock

NOFX "Ribbed" $21


NOFX "Self Entitled" $18

NOFX "S&M Airlines' $20


NOFX "So Long and Thanks For All The Shoes" $out of stock


NOFX "22 Songs that...." $16


NOFX "War on Errorism" $20


NOFX "White Trash Two Heebs." $out of stock

NOFX "Wolves in Wolves Clothing" $out of stock

Noi!se "Pushing On" $14

Noi!se "The Real Enemy" Colored Vinyl  $14

Noi!se "The Scars We Hide" $15

Noisem "Agony Defined" Pink Vinyl $out of stock

Noisem "Blossoming Decay" Splatter Vinyl $out of stock

Nomads "Love It Or Leave It" Oxblood Vinyl $20

Not Afraid "Locked Out" $15

Not Afraid "Locked Out" Orange Vinyl only 250 Copies $20

Nothing "Tired of Tomorrow" $out of stock


Nuclear Assault "Live 1986" Pic Disc $18


NYC Mayhem "For Real" $14

Oathbreaker "Rheia" Colored Vinyl $out of stock

Obey The Brave "Mad Season" $24

Obliterations "Poison Everything" $16

Obstruct "Loss of Blood" $20

Off! "Live at the 9:30 Club" Various colors $24

Off! "Live From The BBC" 10" $20


Off! "S/t" $18


Off! "Wasted Years" $out of stock


The Offenders "Endless Struggle" $16


The Offenders "Endless Struggle & We Must Rebel" 2xLP $23

Offspring "Smash" $24

Old Firm Casuals "A Butchers Banquet" $19

Old Firm Casuals "For The Love Of It All" 2xLP $28

Old Firm Casuals "S/t" Clear $16


Old Firm Casuals "This Means War" $18

Old Firm Casuals "Wartime" Camo Vinyl $16

Old Wounds "From Where We Came" Orange Vinyl $18

Old Wounds "The Suffering Spirit" $18

On Bodies "The Long Con" $15

One Choice "Words Run Out" Orange Vinyl $14


One Last Wish "1986" $13

108 "Threefold Misery" $18

The 101ers "Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisted" 2xLP Red Vinyl $30

100 Demons " In The Eyes Of The Lord" 2xLP Colored Vinyl $32

Open City "Ten Contemporary Hymns" $20

Operation Ivy "Bring Me Back Up" Live From KSPC Radio $28


Operation Ivy "Energy" $25


Operation Ivy "Hectic" $20

The Oppressed! "Music For Hooligans" Clear Vinyl $22

The Oppressed! "We Can Do Anything" $22

Orchid "Chaos Is Me" Pink Vinyl $out of stock


Orchid "Totality" $17

Out Cold. "Goodbye Cruel World" Corner ding on Jacket $10

Out Of Body "Voiceless" Colored Vinyl or Black $13

Outspoken "A Light in the Dark" $15

Oxley's Midnight Runners "The Battle Vol 1" $20

Oxymoron "Feed The Breed" Green Vinyl $28

Oxymoron "The Pack is Back" $out of stock

Oxymoron "Westworld" $out of stock

Pansy Division "Quite Contrary" $16

Part 1 "Funeral Parade" $20

The Partisans "Time Was Right" $22

Pasadena Napalm Division "S/t" $out of stock

Pears "Green Star" $16

Pennywise "About Time "21

Pennywise "All or Nothing" $23

Pennywise "From the Ashes' $20

Pennywise "Land of the Free" $20

Pennywise "Nineteen Eighty Eight" Blue Vinyl $24

Pennywise "S/t" $23

Pennywise "Straight Ahead" $22

Pennywise "Unknown Road" $23


Pennywise "Yesterdays" $23

Peter and the Test Tube Babies "Pissed and Proud" $30

Peter And The Test Tube Babies "Punk Singles Collection" $out of stock

Peter & Test Tube Babies "Supermodels" $20


P.F. Commando "Manipulerade Mongon" Swedish 1979 $22

PG.99 "Document #8" $30

Piece The Veil "Misadventures" White Vinyl $out of stock

Pinhead Gunpowder "Kick Over the Traces" $20

Pissed Jeans "Why Love Now" $24

The Pist "Ideas Are $out of stock

The Pist "Input Equals Output Album One" $13

The Pist "Input Equals Output Album Two" $13

Planes Mistaken For Stars "Mercy" $17

Planes Mistaken For Stars "Prey" Pink Vinyl $out of stock


Poison Girls "Chappaquiddick Bridge" Comes with 7" $17


Poison Girls "Hex" $15

Poison Girls "Where's The Pleasure" $18

Poison Idea "Calling All Ghosts" Colored Vinyl $18

Poison Idea "Confuse and Conquer" $17

Poison Idea "Darby Crash Rides Again" Colored Vinyl $18


Poison Idea "Kings of Punk" 2xLP $28

Poison Idea "Kings of Punk" Clear Vinyl $18

Poison Idea "Latest Will and Testament" $16

Poison Idea "Pick Your King Fatal Erection Years" $out of stock


Poison Idea "Record Collectors Are Pretentious

Assholes" Clear Vinyl $18

Power Trip "The Armageddon Blues Sessions" $out of stock

Power Trip/Integrity "Split" $18

Power Trip "Manifest Decimation" $17

Power Trip "Nightmare Logic" $17

Power Trip "Nightmare Logic" Pic Disc $24

Praise "Leave It All Behind" Black  $out of stock

Praise "Leave It All Behind" Purple Opened to check color only 350 copies $25

Praise "Leave It All Behind" Pink Opened to check color only 150 copies $40


Praise "Lights Went Out" Red Vinyl $15

Priests "Nothing Feels Natural" $17

Primal Rite "Dirge of..." Blue Vinyl $17

Promise Ring "Nothing Feels Good" $out of stock

Promise Ring "30 Everywhere" $25

Promise Ring "Very Emergency" $28

Propagandhi "Failed States" $24

Propagandhi "How to Clean Everything" $18

Propagandhi "Less Talk More Rock" $ou17

Propagandhi "Potemkin City Limits" $16

Propagandhi "Supporting Caste" $out of stock


Propagandhi "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes" $16

Propagandhi "Victory Lap"$23

Protester "First Two Years" Clear Vinyl $17

Protester "Hide from Reality" $16

Psycho Sin "Forward To The Caves" LP & CD $18

PIL "Identity Factory" Limited to 500 $20

Punch "Push/Pull" Grey $out of stock

Punch "They Don't Have To Believe" $15

Pusrad "Erarre Humanum Est" Swedish HC ala Koro,

FU's and Deep Wound $12