We are now selling records from other labels as well as used records. Everything is strictly graded by sleeve then vinyl. Pictures always available upon request. Labels get in touch to have us carry your releases.

If you want to order, just email us the list of what you want, along with your address and we will send you a total.



Used 7"s

Adrenalin OD/Bedlam "Split" has insert $25

Again "Seen Not Heard" VG/NM $3

Agent Orange "Blood Stains" Pink Vinyl EX/NM $30

Agent Orange "Eldorado: Orange Vinyl VG+/NM $20

Agent Orange "This Is This Voice" EX/NM $25

Agent Orange "V.M.Live" Ex/NM $20

Agitator "Walls Closing In" NM/NM $5

Agression "Live @ Underground Railroad" EX/NM $15

Alert "Find Your Way" Purple Vinyl $6

Allegiance "S/t" Yellow Vinyl NM/NM $10

Allegiance "Demo 2002" Pink Vinyl Only 100 Copies EX/NM $10

Allegiance "Out of My Blood" White Silk Screened 97 Copies $15

Alpha & Omega "Sink" NM $5

Angel Dust "Stay" EX/NM $6

Angel Dust "Upside Down" NM/NM $7

Anti-Scrunti Faction "A Sure Fuck" NM/NM $30

Askance "You'll Never Be The mannequin" NM/NM $5

Attitude Adjustment "True to the Trade" EX/NM signed by band $20


Avail "Attempt To Regress" Old Glory Press NM/NM $10

Axis/Self Defense Family "Least Violent Time" Blue NM/NM $8

Backtrack "Deal With The Devil" Blue swirl Vinyl

United Blood IV Press #59/75 NM/NM $40

Bad Brains "Quick Take Over" NM/NM $20

Barbaro "Feeding" EX/NM $3

Bent Life "Full Skull" Blk/Red NM/NM $7

Betrayed "Suffering" White Vinyl NM/NM $8

Betrayed "Suffering" Blue Vinyl NM/NM $10

Better Times "Better Measures" Green Vinyl 200 Copies $4

Better Times "Demo 2011" Only 125 Copies $5

Better Times "If Not Us" Preorder Cover Limited to 65 Copies NM/NM $10

Bishop "Asylum" VG+/NM $4

Bitter End "s/t" White vinyl NM/NM $5

Black Flag "Licorice Pizza" NM $100


The Blisters "Fast Food" Signed by Dennis  EX/NM $20

The Blisters "Fast Food"   EX/NM $10

Bold "S/t" 1st Press with Insert VG+/EX $25

Bomb Hoarder/Nerve Damage "Split" NM/NM $6

Born Against "Eulogy" EX/NM $15

Bouncing Souls "20th Anniversary Vol 3" Clear Vinyl NM/NM $8

Bridge and Tunnel "S/t" Mush Vinyl NM/NM $2

Bridge and Tunnel/Young Livers "Split" Blue Mix 100 Copies EX/NM $3

Champion "Come Out Swinging" Clear Vinyl 357 Copies EX/EX $20

Champion "Come Out Swinging" Black NM/NM $20

Clarity "Unstoppable" 250 Copies Blue Vinyl NM/NM $5

Clarity "Unstoppable"
West Coast Tour Press 50 Copies NM/NM $10

Clarity "Unstoppable" Record Release Press 60 Copies NM/NM $20

Clarity "Unstoppable" 100 Copies NM/NM $6

Clarity "Unstoppable" White Vinyl 150 Copies NM/NM $6

Clearsight "Demo 2002" NM/NM $4

Clearsight "Not Ashamed" Green Vinyl NM/NM $4

Clearsight "Not Ashamed" Hand stamped cover NM/NM $10

Clearsight "Not Ashamed" NM/NM $4

Coke Bust "Fuck Bar Culture" EX/NM $5

Column "S/t" NM/VG+ $5

Comin Correct/Dirt Nap "Split" Black & White Sleeve VG+/NM $4

Comin Correct/Stormcore/ESIP "Hardcore Pride" VG+/NM $4

Conflict "Live at Centro Iberico" EX/NM $15


Conflict "This Is Not Enough Stand Up And Fucking Fight" NM/NM $20

Corrupt Leaders "s/t" White EX/NM $4

Crimpshrine "Quit Talkin Claude" NM/NM $8

Crimpshrine "Sleep, What's That?" 2nd Press with Booklet VG+/NM $12

Crooked Ways "Crimes of Passion" Blue Marble NM/NM $2

Crooked Ways "Crimes of Passion" Purple NM/NM $4

Crooked Ways "How to Break Hearts" EX/NM $4

Crooked Ways "How to Break Hearts" Tour 08 Press Marble EX/NM $6

Crossed Out/MITB "Split" Blue Sleeve NM/NM $60

Crown of Thornz/Aggressive Dogs "Split" EX/NM $20

Crucifix "1984" NM/NM $75

DARE "OC Straight Edge" Orange NM/NM $6

Dead and Gone "S/t" EX/NM $5

Dead Kennedys "Fresh Demos..." VG+/NM Grey vinyl $20

Default "Beyond Our Means" EX/EX $3

Devoid of Faith "Denial By Machinery" VG+/NM $4

DI "Don't Do It" Blue vinyl VG+/NM $45

DI "Richard Hung Himself" Red vinyl #69/300 $25

Die Cruisin "Night of Mystery" VG+/VG+ $2

Die Young "Loss" Tour Press #29/100 Marbled Vinyl VG+/NM $7

Dirt "Object Refuse" EX/NM $25

Disengage "S/t" NM/NM $8

Don't No "The Real World" VG+/NM $15

Downcast "S/t" NM/NM $4

Drug Test "Needle in your Neck" EX/EX $8

Dry Insides "Sacrifice" Bluish Vinyl NM/NM $3

Econochrist/Detonators "Split" Red/Yellow Sleeve NM/NM $10

The Enclitic "S/t" NM/NM $3

Endeavor "Of Equality" Phyte Press NM/NM $5

Endeavor "Of Equality" Phyte Press VG+/NM $4

Enough "Something We Can Build" NM/NM $4

Ensign "S/t" Blue Vinyl NM/NM $6

Ensign "Fall From Grace" White Vinyl EX/NM $8

Ensign "For What It's Worth" Grey Vinyl EX/NM $6

Eternal Sleep "Dead Like Me" Purple Vinyl only 100 NM/NM $20

Even Worse "Mouse or Rat?" VG+/NM $50

Faction "Corpse in Disguise" VG+/VG+ $100

Faction/JFA "Split" Multiple versions available contact for more info

Faction "You've Got The Fire" NM/NM $15

False Liberty "Silence is Consent" Pre-Brotherhood EX/NM $30

False Prophets "Blind Obedience" EX/VG+ $150

False Prophets "Good Clean Fun" EX/VG+ $75

Farside "Keep My Soul Awake" Green Vinyl VG+/NM $20

Fifteen "Ooze" NM/EX $7

50 Lions "Former Glory" NM/NM $6

50 Lions "Pray for Nothing" Purple vinyl NM/NM $6

Filth "Live The Chaos" EX/NM $7

Final Conflict "Face Extinction" Green Foil EX/NM $40

Final Conflict "Institution" Mom Sleeve NM/NM $35

First 5 Thru "S/t" VG+/NM $3

411 "This Isn't Me" Grey Marbled Vinyl EX/NM $7

Freedom "Pay The Price" 1st Press Black vinyl 250 copies NM/NM $20

Fucked Up "Generation" NM/NM $6

Fucked Up "Litany" NM/NM $6

Gauze "S/t" NM/NM $10

GBH "Give Me FIre" Pic Disc EX $15 

A Global Threat/Broken "Split" NM/NM $5

Growing Stronger "Toxic Fumes" Yellow Vinyl only 200 Copies NM/NM $6


H2O "94-95 Four Song Demo" VG+/NM $20

H2O "Old School Recess" EX/NM $10

H2O "Still The Same.." Clear Vinyl NM/NM $30

Hard Ons "Where Did She.." VG+/NM $6

Hardside "Crucified" Yellow NM/NM $10

Hardside "Crucified" record release version VG+/NM $10

Hard Stance "Face Reality Clear Vinyl VG+/NM $20

Headfirst "Back in Control" VG+/VG+ $7

Headwound "kings of Beer" Black Vinyl NM/NM $20

Honey Bane "You Can Be You" EX/NM $25

House of Suffering "S/t" EX/NM $4

Iconoclast  "Who Does The Freedom.."VG+/NM $20

Infest "3 sided Double 7"" EX/EX $40

Infest "Not Over Yet" EX/NM $25

Internal Affairs "Casualty of the Core" Clear

Insted "We'll Be Remembered" Purple Vinyl EX/NM $30

Karnage "Total Terminus" VG+/NM $50

Last Resort "Violence in our Minds" Red Vinyl NM/VG+ $30

Life's Blood "Defiance" Vermiform VG+/VG+ Insert $25

Life's Blood/Sticks & Stones "Split" EX/NM $15


Lone Wolf "Hallucinogenic Fate" Light Grey Vinyl 100 Copies NM/NM $5

Los Crudos "Las Injusticias.." VG+/NM $20

Los Crudos/Huasipungo "Split" NM/NM $12

The Love Below "Reproductive RIghts" NM/NM $6


Madball "NYHC" TEST PRESS Only 15 $100

MDC "..Dead Children" VG+/NM $25

MDC "..Death Corps" VG+/NM $20

Mental Decay "Gang Bang" NM/NM $10

Mental Decay "Run & Hide" NM/NM $50

Mighty Sphincter "Resurrection" Purple Vinyl NM/NM $15

Mindset "Real Power" White Vinyl NM/NM $15

Mindset "Time &Pressure" NM/NM $8

Minority Unit "CMF" Green/Orange Marble" $90

Minority Unit "S/t" VG+/NM $20

Minority Unit "S/t" Green Vinyl EX/NM $30

Minority Unit "S/t" Red Vinyl EX/NM $35

The Misfits "Back with a Bang" VG+/NM $25

The Misfits "Famous Misfits of Filmland" B&W sleeve VG+/NM $25

The Misfits "Return of the Fly" VG/NM $15

Modern Problems "Step Forward" NM/NM Unplayed $10

Moss Icon "Mahpiua Luta" VG+/NM $30

Moss Icon "Memorial" VG+/NM $40

Moss Icon  "S/t" EX/NM $50

Mouthpiece "S/t" Purple Labels VG+/NM $7

My War/Revenge Therapy "Split" NM/NM $3

Napalm Death/SOB "Flexi" NM/NM $30

Naysayer "Nation of Greed" Red NM/NM $6

Negative FX "Government War Plans" NM/NM $10

New Brigade "Demo" 300 Copies NM/NM $8

New Brigade "Demo" 100 Copies Clear Vinyl NM/NM $10

No For An Answer "You Laugh" 1st Press EX/EX $40

No For An Answer "You Laugh" 3rd Press Has Playable Warp $10

No Mistake "Connect the Dots" Mike BS of Go! NM/NM $3

No Warning "Resurrection/Wolf" NM/NM $10

No Warning "Yeti Demo" NM/NM $15

One4One /Bloodline "Split" NM/NM $10

One4One/Overthrow "Split" EX/EX $10

One4One "I Won't Lose" NM/NM $8

Out Crowd "Just Us" Red Vinyl NM/NM $6

Out Crowd "Just Us" Green NM/NM $6

Overcast "Begging for Indifference" VG+/VG+ $3

Parasitic Skies "Embers" EX/NM $3

The Partisans "Police Story" NM/EX $40

Peace Corpse "Quincys Lament" Orange Cover NM/NM $25

Penetration Panthers "Perpetual 80's" Clear/pink swirl only 300 $6

Perspective "Moving Forward" Brownish Vinyl NM/NM $4

Perspective "Moving Forward" Clear Vinyl NM/NM $4

Plaid Retina "s/t" VG+/NM $6

Pleasant Living "S/t" Grey Marble NM/NM $6

Powerhouse "Death of a slaesman" VG+/EX $8

Pressvre "Death's Head" Blue Vinyl EX/NM $3

Pride Kills "S/t" NM/NM Red Vinyl $5

Public Humiliation "Goony Tunes" NM/NM $10

Pulling Teeth/Shin to Shin "Split" Orange NM/NM $4

Quicksand "Dine Alone" VG+/NM $15

Quicksand "Divorce" VG+/NM $15

RLTSOT "Bad Man's Grave" VG+/NM $4

RLTSOT "Waiting for Water" NM/NM $6

RLTSOT "What I Want" EX/NM $6

Rancid "Radio Radio Radio" Ex/NM $7

Rattus "Rajoitettu Ydinsota" NM/NM $6

Raw Power "Wop Hour" Marbled Vinyl NM/NM $10

Refuse to Fall "Soulfire" NM/EX $4

Ringworm "7 Inches The Hard Way" NM/NM $5

R'N'R/Fit For Abuse "Split" Red Vinyl NM/NM $5

Roach Motel "Roach & Roll" VG+/NM $125

Roach Motel "What The Hell" VG+/EX $100

Rude Awakening "Dragging the Anchor" EX/NM $5

Rude Awakening "The Awakening" NM/EX $5

Rorschach "Needlepack" EX/EX $20

Rudimentary Peni "Live" NM/NM $40

Samhain "On Earth As It Is.." EX/NM $50


Sevens "Seed Of The Seeing Sunflower" NM/NM $7


Sex Pistols "Something Else" VG+/NM $10

Shelter "Quest for Certainty" Yellow cover VG+/VG $12


Sick Of It All "We Stand Alone" EX/NM $20

Skinflutes "Sawhorse" Red Vinyl NM/NM $5


Slam "Tragedies" VG+/VG $6

SNFU "Beautiful Unlike.." VG+/NM $20

SNFU "Real Men..QUincy" White Vinyl purple sleeve NM/NM $50

Social Damage "Eye For An Eye" Preorder Cover Red Vinyl NM/NM $6

Social Distortion "Lude Boy" NM/NM $25

Social Distortion "Mainliner" 12nd Press VG+/NM $60

Social Unrest "Making Room for Youth" Orange Vinyl NM/NM $15

Soldiers "Hit The Bricks" Blue EX/NM $4

Sons of Ishmael "Hayseed Hardcore" Yellow sleeve VG+/NM $50

Soul Control "Bore Core" White NM/NM $4

The Stain "Detroit City" VG+/NM $8

Stay Gold "S/t" NM/NM $5

Stompede "S/t" Glow in Dark Vinyl and extra sleeves NM/NM $30

Strife "Grey" NM/NM $5

Struggle " Red, White & You" EX/NM $4

Subvert The Madness Must End" VG+/VG+ $15

Test of Time "The Price" Red Vinyl only 100 Copies NM/NM $8


Those Unknown "Distribution" VG+/NM $20


Tolerate "S/t" Clear Vinyl 300 Copies NM/NM $5

TouchXDown "Reach For The Top" NM/NM $4

TouchXDown "Reach For The Top" Yellow Vinyl NM/NM $5

Truth and Rights "Green Light" Green NM/NM $4

TSOL "Songs From Suburbia" NM/NM $60

Turning Point "Demo" NM/NM $20

Turning Point "S/t" EX/NM $180


The Undead "Nine Toes Later" Strong VG+/VG+ $40


Underdog "S/t" Blue labels vinyl only NM $80

Unholy Grave/Motorcharged "Unreleased Split" NM/NM $3

Uniform Choice "Original Demo" 2x7" NM/NM $15

Unit Pride "S/t" VG/NM $60

Up Front "Daybreak" First Press VG+/NM $5

Up Front "Doin it Live on WNYU" EX/EX $5

Verbal Assault "Tiny Giants' Red Vinyl VG+/VG+ $15

Vice "Flawed" Yellow NM/NM $5

The Virus "Global Crisis" Yellow Vinyl EX/NM $5

Water Torture/Sixbrewbantha "Split" NM/NM $6

Weirdos "It Means Nothing" White Vinyl NM/NM $15

Wide Awake "The End" EX/NM $20

Wrong Answer "The World is.." Yellow EX/NM $5

Wrong Answer  "Wrong Way" Turquoise VG+/NM $5

XtyrantX Extinction" Pic Disc NM $8

V/A "Albany Style" Combined Effort VG+/EX $15

V/A "Alive & Kicking" DC Comp Clear Vinyl VG+/NM $25

V/A "Bacteria Sour Vol 2" Blue/Yellow Vinyl $30

V/A "Bacteria Sour Vol 2" with Recovery 7" NM/NM $25

V/A "Bacteria Sour Vol 3" NM/NM $40

V/A "Mystic Super Seven Sampler #1" VG+/NM $15

V/A "Noise from Nowhere" EX/NM $30

V/A "Nuke Your Dink" Positive Force Records #1 NM/NM $175

V/A "Odd Man Out" DC Comp Green Vinyl EX/NM $8

V/A "Our City Is Burning" Boston HxC Blue Vinyl EX/NM $6

V/A "Process of Elimination" VG+/VG+ $150


V/A Pusmort Sampler VG+/VG+ no flexi $25

V/A "Turn It Around" MRR Comp EX/EX $60

V/A "Wessex 82" VG+/NM $25